About us

The Relation-Ship couple and family therapy service is a joint dream of psychologists Edina Csillik and Dora Tamas-Zaka. Edina and Dora got to know each other during their university years, but a closer relationship was established in 2016 in a training organized by the Hungarian Family Therapy Association. Mutual sympathy developed between them, so they did the rest of the trainings together. The initial sympathy eventually developed into a friendship and professional relationship, and they started working together in Budapest. 

Their approach and temperament are extremely similar, they understand each other easily and well when leading the process. They both take the view that the party therapy process takes place mainly in the time between the two sessions, so that by mutual agreement, the couples accompanying them are released from almost every session with homework. 

At present, both of them carry out the supervision phase of the Hungarian Family Therapy Association, so their work is accompanied by close professional supervision and in accordance with the guidelines of the Professional Code of Ethics of Psychologists and the Code of Ethics of the Hungarian Family Therapy Association. From September 2020, they will continue their joint work in Székesfehérvár.

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Couple and Family Therapy in Szekesfehervar and online.


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