Family Therapy

The family is the primary medium of socialization in which we begin to move as children. Here we also learn the elements of basic social behavior, the appropriate modes of communication and the regulation of the expression of ours' emotions, from the direct or indirect feedback of our family members. However, in some cases, the family does not function in a way that promotes development, in which case family therapy assistance may be necessary. It may also be that the symptom is related to someone, yet family therapy is recommended, why is this? Because, from a systems perspective, we believe that everyone in a family affects everyone, so it is very important to know the perspectives of all those involved in a given difficulty. Family therapy is relationship-focused, so it does not focus on individual characteristics, but on the relationship between family members. Transgenerational patterns are also important in the process, as our functional characteristics come from our family of origin and ancestors. To find out, the family tree (genogram) is also often processed.

The obstructions during which family therapy can help:

  • frequent family conflicts
  • lifecycle deadlocks (eg. difficulties during relocation)
  • uncertainty about family-wide decision-making situations
  • communication difficulties
  • conflicts related to parenting
  • special difficulties of patchwork families and search for adaptive solutions

The family therapy session is always conducted with two psychologists. A session lasts 80 minutes, with a 10-minute break, during which counselors discuss the events seen and heard at the session and often give connecting exercises (homework). Family therapy meetings are due every two weeks. In addition to the conversation, the meetings often include various movement, drawing or even plasticine tasks.

The family therapy consultation is also available online, the details of which are negotiated on the basis of an individual request.

Price of the consultation: 27,000 HUF / session (80 minutes) 

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