Couple Therapy

Relationships are one of the most important areas in life. Optimally, it is a peaceful, sheltered space, but sometimes, it can become stormy. This is when the members of the couple experience tension, often disputes. During couple therapy sessions, we always think about the "system," that is, how the members of the couple work TOGETHER, what relationship patterns they create. It is common for discussions to follow the same scenario, in which case their detailed elaboration is also part of the process. Most couples come with communication and sex-related obstructions, working with these questions, it reveals what is behind them. It is common to find so-called transgenerational causes from a previous family of origin, in which case highlighting them is also an important step in the process. During couple therapy processes, we never blame either party, as we think they created the condition together. The common goal is to understand the background of the difficulties and to rework the usual, but sometimes destructive, relationships and behaviors. So, in fact, the process can be seen as a "relationship therapy", so it is essential that both parties are motivated. The couple therapist presents as an accompaniment to this process, highlighting and often rewording important moments, helping the parties to understand each other well.

But let's look at what kind of obstructions are the ones in which couple therapy can help?

  • jealousy
  • the difficulties that accompany the natural development of relationships
  • settlement after external relationship (fraud)
  • difficulties with sexuality
  • conflict-laden relationships
  • withdrawal during the period with young children

The couple therapy session is always conducted with two psychologists. A session lasts 80 minutes, with a 10-minute break, during which counselors discuss the events seen and heard at the session and often give connecting exercises (homework). Couple therapy sessions are topical every two weeks. It is common experience that change takes at least four sessions to get started, while more than twenty sessions last only very rarely. In addition to the conversation, the meetings often include various movement, drawing or even plasticine tasks.

The couple therapy consultation is also available online, the details of which are negotiated on the basis of an individual request.

Price of the consultation: 27,000 HUF / session (80 minutes) 

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